Cure of Mental Illness Through Islam

Allah is the ultimate Knower of the hidden and unhidden aspects of this universe. He is aware of all the disorders and their secret cures. We Muslims have strong belief that we have been sent by Allah in this world to look for all the signs of Almighty and to worship Him alone. Also, we have a strong faith that we would be brought back to life on the day of judgment and will get our reward or punishment based on the deeds which we did during our lifetime.

It is also mentioned in Quran that only Allah has the access to all the hidden resources of this world and not even a leaf falls without his permission. Also, it has been mentioned in another ayaat of Quran that Allah never puts any load on an individual which is more than his ability. If we talk about the most discussed issue of today's era, it is none other than the prevailing rate of mental illness. Often people don't know how Islam reacts on the issues of mental illness. According to the Islamic laws, people having no sense or suffering from any mental illness should not be given any punishment and their sins will be forgiven because they never commit any crime in their senses. They have lost touch with reality and are living in a totally different state of mind so they should not be held accountable for the mistakes they do, instead they should be given proper treatment for their illness.

When talking about the treatment, it can be medical and spiritual both. We can never detach psychopathology from Islam as Allah has given guidance in Quran for all the disciplines of life. People tend to take influence from their culture and religion. Those residing in England, who belong to Christianity will ask the assistance of Hazrat Issa (May All be pleased with him). On the other hand, there are Muslims in England as well, who might fly all the way from west to the Holy city Makkah and Madinah by taking Umrah Package 2017 from Belfast, England or any other, just for the peace and serenity of their mind and body. Muslims have a stern belief that any prayer done in front of the Holy Kaaba never goes unheard and any wish asked from Allah in front of His house, is always granted to the worshippers. This belief take them to the blessed cities and people cry their heart out in front of Kaaba and ask for Allah's help whether it is related with financial, physical or mental problem.

The famous Mufti Shafi once wrote that a person's actions are based of two types of reasons and consequences i.e. whether those actions were done voluntarily or involuntarily. The voluntary actions are always based on the intentions of a person whereas the involuntary actions can be accused and not punished because a person never intended to do them. In today's era of globalization, major studies have been done on the illness and their cures. Sometime it is a person's cultural influences or social interactions that may cause disorders but the religious facts can never be ignored as well.

Each year majority of Muslims have been seen crying in front of the Kaaba to ask for Allah's forgiveness and help. They also ask for the cure of many diseases and Allah surely gives them the peace of heart when they finish crying and feel light by standing in the house of Allah. A Muslim must always know that Allah never gives him burden which he can't face. The burden given to him is based on his capability. Allah is the most benevolent.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has also said about the people suffering from severe diseases that if your worries, grief, injuries and illness become unbearable, then always remember that this unbearable pain is compensated by Allah and he surely reward the people in return of those pain. Same goes with mental illness. One must never lose hope. Allah knows what is best for you and he never lets your hardships go wasted away. So always have faith in him and you will see how all your problems will get sorted out.