Amazing Idea of Prayer in Islam


Prayers are the most beautiful connection between a person and his Creator. They create a strong bonding among the man and his Lord. Whenever a Muslim need anything in his life, he bows down to Allah Almighty and pray for that thing. Prayers have the intense ability to change the fate of a person. According to an ayat of Quran, a person may like a thing which might not be good for him and he may not like a thing which can be good for him, and Allah knows best what is good for a person and what is not.

We Muslims are the most unappreciative species. We never thank Allah for his blessings but when He stops providing us those things we desire for, we immediately start complaining that God is not listening to our prayers. If we start thinking of all the things that Allah provide us without us even praying for it, we will never be able to thank Him enough for those blessings. We only focus on those things which we have been wanting for a long time without thinking that those things might not be in our benefit.

Now let's think about the phenomenon of prayer through examples. A person might be having a keen desire of performing Hajj and Umrah throughout his life. After booking the best ever Ramadan Umrah Packages 2017 from Belfast and having the most suitable date and time of his flight a person might miss that flight due to inevitable reasons. Now he would probably start blaming his fate and will cry to God for not listening to his prayers and not allowing him a chance to perform that Holy obligation when in reality only Allah knows what is best for his man and what was the reason why He Almighty made the man lost his flight. There might be many bad consequences waiting for the guy but he won't think of it that way.

We should have a strong faith in Allah and should realize that He will only grant us those things which are good for us. Allah's love for us is more than the love of seventy mothers then how is it possible that he will ignore his creations. Allah says in Quran to the believers that they should call Him in their needs and He will surely reply them with the best way possible. So, have trust in Allah and believe in the fate that He created for us.