How Umrah Could Be A Significant Journey Of Life


The city of Makkah, hosts a great diversity of the Muslims around the year. The house of Allah, the Harram, is a place which is never closed for the Muslims any time during the year. The variety of culture, language and color that may be found in the Haram has no limit. It represents a great impact of Muslim brotherhood at the house of Allah.

The preparation of a pilgrim to visit the Haram, in Makkah, other than that of the specified time of the Hajj, is known to be the intention of performing the Umrah. It is the right of every holy soul to go in the streets of Makkah, wandering in the streets of holy Makkah to trace the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. The glamour of the holy journey of the Makkah, is immense for the Muslims. The word Umrah or Hajj, in themselves have great anticipation for the Muslim souls to drag towards the sacred city of the Makkah.

Where Umrah is a fair and simple combination of the rituals which may easily be traced back in the Prophet Abraham and his wife Hajarah. It started with the wearing of Ahraam by the pilgrim, and lasts with the trimming or shaving of head by him. The very simple process of Umrah, consist of four steps, making the intention of Umrah, the Taawaaf-e-Kaaba by pilgrims, making Saee of Al-Safa & Al-Marwah.

At the same time Hajj accompanied all these rituals along with the additional acts of significance ant piety. The intention of both is reflected by, entering into the state of Ahraam by the Muslims. When a Muslim is in the Ahraam, which is apparently known by the wearing of two un sewn white sheets, whereas, the Ahram is a condition in which Muslim enters by heart and soul, to surrender himself before the Almighty, Allah.

If the entire Umrah takes only a few hours to be completed with ease and peace, whereas, in contrast with the Hajj, which is opposed to it which takes some days. The Hajj and Umrah consist of a lot of walking and physical activity and movement. Once, getting in the Ahraam, the umrah pilgrims with cheap umrah packages including flights, walk towards the sacred Mosque, the dwelling of the Kaaba, and perform the Tawaaf-e-Kaaba there. After the Tawaaf they follow certain other practices in the Haram and then ascend towards the Safa and Marwah to complete the Saee and, after shaving or trimming of the head they are able to come out of the Ahram. But if they are in Ahram for the Hajj, then they ascend to the Mina from 8th Zill Hijjah, stay at Muzdalifah and Arafat and then on the 10th Zill Hijjah they again went for the trimming or the shaving of the Head.