Important Concept Of Hatred In Islam


Martin Luther King once said that "I try my best to stick with love because hate is such a great burden to bear". It is true that hate and envy are like slow poison and it kills a person slowly from inside. Hate does more harm to a person who is having hate in his heart, than to the person for whom he is keeping that hatred. Islam has also enlightened the Muslims about the concepts of hate in very diverse forms but it is the neglect of Muslims who don't follow the golden principles of Islam in their life and neither do they try to search about their religion in more depth.

Since Muslims pray to Allah Almighty alone, so there is no space in their life to worship anyone else. Anything else which demands the love and worship other than Allah is surely doing Shirk and as Muslims, we should hate such acts. Here the concept of hate is done in terms of dislike. Hate doesn't mean that you start doing things which can cause extreme harm to someone, just for the sake of your Lord's love. Allah never allows any Muslim to give any kind of damage to someone just on the basis of showing love towards Allah. Islam has always been spreading and prevailing in the world through love only. With love, you can surely achieve anything and can undo any act of someone's envy. But if you are showing hate and aggression as a reaction to someone's anger, then chances are that you might not get enough benefit out of it.

Even the act of hypocrisy is hated in Islam. Those who claim their love for Almighty in front of others but don't follow Allah's commands in real, are the real hypocrites and are this kind of people are hated in Islam. All the acts done for Allah should be done wholeheartedly, without faking in front of others. Even if you are praying five times a day or traveling for Umrah by availing the Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah Package in Easter Holidays with Luxury Hotels or any other, you should purely do it for seeking the mercy of Allah. Some people travel for Hajj and Umrah so that people would start calling them "Haji" and this holy obligation is merely done for showoff. This act should be avoided in any case as it is extremely hated in Islam.

The hardest task in this world is to return someone's hate with love. We should try to forgive people so that Allah can forgive our sins. Surely Allah is the best in taking revenge and we should put forwards all our worries to Almighty alone. May Allah allow each Muslim to treat everyone with love and kindness instead of hate and envy, and this world would surely become a better place to live in.

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