Why The Hajj Is Easy Today


The Muslims of the entire world draw the origins of the pilgrimage to Makkah from the Prophet Ibrahim A.S, as according to the Quran, it was the Ibrahim, who, with the help of Ismail, built the house of love of Allah, the center point towards which the Muslims turn their faces while offering the prayers. It was Ibrahim, who get the title of Khalil Allah (Allah's friend) and establishes the well known rituals of the Hajj. These rituals of the Hajj remind us the events and practices of the commands of the Allah to perform the Hajj.

In the certain Ayahs regarding the Hajj the Quran explicitly says that divine commands are there to perform the Hajj and prophesies the solidity of this institution: The Quran says that when the place for the House was assigned to the Ibrahim and said that not to associate anything with the Allah, and also the command to keep the house purified for those who worship Allah in the House. And in the Quran it is also commanded to the Ibrahim to proclaim the pilgrimage for all humankind. The Quran further elaborates that the men will come on foot, on camels or traveling deep by many means.

By the time the Prophet Muhammad received the heavenly call, yet, pagan practices had come to grubby, some of the innovative observances of the Hajj. After restoring its rituals to their original purity, the Prophet, peace be on him, as ordained by the Allah, continued the Abrahamic Hajj.

Also, Muhammad, peace be on him, he instructed the devotees in the rituals of the Hajj. This was done in two ways, by showing his own practices and by the imposition of directions to the believers regarding the acts of the Hajj. Where this added a range of complexity in the rituals of the Hajj, at the same time, the flexibility also adds to the substance. For instance, it is allowed to have a little variation in the order of the rites. Thus, the rites of the Hajj are intricate, many and diverse; aspects of some of them are highlighted below.

Hajj to the Makkah is obligatory on the males and the females, both, at least once in the lifetime of the Muslims. This is obligatory for those whom's health and means permit them for that, and according to the Quran, on those who can make their way there. Although it is not an obligation for the children yet some children accompany their parents for the Hajj. Before setting off for the Hajj, the pilgrim obliged to redress all the wrong doings of their life, should pay the outstanding debts and prepare himself to do all good and conduct in a well manner throughout their Hajj journey with Hajj packages from birmingham. The pilgrim must manage the maintenance for the family he leaves behind for the Hajj.